Jonathan Broadwell's Portfolio


My name is Jonathan Broadwell. I am a recent graduate from West Sacramento WyoTech. I first got involved with automotive when my first car, a 1988 Pontiac Grand Am, constantly broke down because my daily driving was far more intense than its normal spot, parked  in an elderly woman's driveway. As far as fabrication, I purchased a 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger when I was 17 and the rust under the vinyl top was so bad, body shops couldn't even give me an estimate of how much it would cost to repair. I then decided to take it under my own power to repair it. I removed a roof from a donor vehicle from a local wrecking yard and proceded in removing the roof of my vehicle. This experience  required me to learn how to weld, and since then, I have developed a passion. Aside from cars, motorcycles and longboard skateboards fill my craving for carving tight canyon corners. I hope to bring my creativity, demand for high quality, engineering backround, metal working capabilities, and paint skills together to provide an undescribable custom aspect to anything I can get my hands on.